May 19, 2011

hello awesome!

drop by to announce this awesome guy!

find him at youtube! jazz hayat feat aziz harun

May 17, 2011

hujung sem

assalamualaikum and hello :)

and yes, saya tau most of students dah habis exam. me?
baru je nak start the papers. wish me luck :)

saya baru baik demam
oh, my mom cakap demam putus cinta. pfftt T___T

meet me for next two weeks 

g o o d l u c k, n i z a
a n d 
h a p p y t e a c h e r' s d a y!

double thanks for my sha sebab wish. hihi

 "chocolate is good, but your friendship is better"

May 7, 2011

07 MAY 2011

08 MAY 2011