February 20, 2009

sgt2 xfaham!

ak terasa sgt2 xpaham.apa pasal org disekeliling ak dipenuhi dgn masalah2 CINTA??
adakah cinta itu xdimilki??
adakah cinta itu masalah??
adakah cinta itu xdifahami??
i really2 don't understand.if you are really2 wanted to love somebody..
ak mncadangkan agr semuanya anda ready.don't get too rush.
always think with your mind.don't think with your NAFSU!
jgn org nak..i pon nak.that is wrong.hehe.aiceh.mcm ustazah la plak.ngee

but..the conclusion is.LOVE IS UNDERSTANDING.hehe

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