June 9, 2010

well done writer!

salam :)

but honestly, yes. 
Boys are stupid. Some men too. Throw rocks at them. Pots and pants too.
- 5 tahun 5 bulan -

identifying something unidentified is harder than justifying the E=mc^2  equation. Emotion falls under that something.
- aA+bB-

"and now we're destined to be here. Together"
"Ed'Sassin and AO?"
"Minn Adina and Ashraff Omar"
- Versus -

i do say it worth for you to read the hlovate's books.
one word: awesome.
saya baru habis tiga buku for three days. siang tengok killers and LBS dan malam membaca. bukankah aktiviti yang sangat seronok? and i advise you people, READ A LOTS yaa? 

may GOD bless

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